You can take the first step in shaping your financial future through online income-generating opportunities.

Did you know?

You can start an online business within a few days for less than $100.

The ebook will show you:

  • How to choose an industry that is best suited for a profitable and sustainable online business.

  • How to set up your own web business without requiring any IT skills.

  • How to create multiple revenue streams to collectively contribute to your passive income generation.

  • How to easily duplicate your operation to ensure a sustainable venture.

  • How to optimize your business for maximum revenue generation with minimal effort.

The author of this ebook started his online business while still working his day job. With a minimal investment and learning through trial-and-error he was able to make his online venture a fill time career. You can as well.

About the author

Clint Jensen

Author, Father, Entrepreneur

My name is Clint and I am now a full time online entrepreneur. I work from home through the internet and manage my network of blogs and websites.

When I looked to the online route for generating an income, I was motivated by two reasons - wanting to spend more time with my family, and avoid the rat race as I was suffering with IBS.

An online business made more sense for both these reasons. I initially bought a small network of blogs and websites and learned how the internet economy works.

Through trial and error I discovered that I could quickly duplicate my successes and learn from my failures to develop a thriving business.

In my book I show you how to replicate my success. You do not have to buy a network of websites like I did. With just a $100 you could one together on your own and take the first step in starting your oniline empire forgenerating a passive income.

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Some feedback on the book

  • I started my first blog in 2012 but couldn't get it to make any significant money until I read Clint's book. The Onilne Passive Income method was simple and showed me what I was doing wrong.

    Kevin T., Cleveland

  • I stumbled upon Clint's ebook when I lost my job and was looking for ways to make money online. I followed his advice closely and eventually started several websites. All earn me a small income today which adds up at the end of the month.

    Erica L., San Diego

  • I'm so glad that I gave Clint's method a try. It was very simple and explained everything I needed to know clearly. His practical advice about passive income was not littered with promises. Just practical advice that I could use.

    Kristina S., Sao Paulo

  • For me the problem was that I was getting too much of wrong information from ebooks and blogs.Clint helped me understand the basics and then put it in action.

    Rahul M., Mumbai

  • I was targeting the wrong industry and though I could make my blog a success. The Online Passive Income method cleared up the confusion and put my back on track to establishing my online business.

    William F., Auckland

"Learn how to start your online venture"

  • Discover the different income streams available online.
  • Make an informed decision on choosing the best money generation option.
  • Setup several channels to contribute to your passive income.

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About the Author

Clint Jensen is an internet entrepreneur who was largely self taught in the world of online business.

He searched for alternative income streams and eventually developed his own system to help others like him who want to develop online passive income channels.

While Clint also experienced failures in the first year of his business, he was able to rise up about the channel and make it a success.

His advice has always been to "keep it small and simple" when choosing the best channel for passive income generation.

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